The moment has finally arrived. You’re about to embark upon your PhD journey at CMU. The road in front of you is long, but you aren’t alone. You’re now a part of the SCS community.

Below are some resources we’ve assembled to help start your PhD journey. From all of us with the SCS PhD Advisory Committee

Welcome to SCS.

Welcome Presentation

Please view our committee’s welcome presentation for Fall 2020 here.

Doctoral Student Review (formerly Black Friday)

Black Friday, the formal PhD progress review at the end of each semester, has had an aura of mystery in the past. Unfortunately, this intrigue has led to anxiety and mismatched expectations, with little prior documentation available for students to compare experiences.

This summer, we worked with the Dean’s Office to assemble two complementary documents that paint a more vibrant picture of Black Friday, now known as the Doctoral Student Review. We’re pleased to share this pair of documents that describes this process from both the perspective of the SCS faculty and the PhD students.

Doctoral Student Review: The Faculty Perspective

Doctoral Student Review: The PhD Student Perspective

Mental Health and Wellness Kits

Be on the lookout for mental health kits in your mail! We have coordinated with the Dean’s Office to send all incoming SCS PhD students PASS (Panic, Anxiety and Stress Support) Kits. Please be mindful of your mental health and use the various resources available to you through CMU, such as CaPS.

PhD Advice

How To Be A Successful PhD Student by Mark Dredze and Hanna M. Wallach

CS PhD –help by Angela Jiang

Outreach and Community Service: SCS and Local

CS Pathways



Graduate Sisters Program

CMU Tech4Society

FIRST Western and Central Pennsylvania

Letters to a Pre-Scientist

SCS and CMU Inclusiveness






List of CMU Student Organizations