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Current Initiatives

The work of our committee is achieved through collaborative working groups, which are open for anyone who wishes to help achieve our goals. Our current initiatives are below. Please contact the working group leader if you would like to participate.

Interested in starting your own working group?

Any SCS PhD student who wants to work on something in line with our mission statement is welcome to launch their own working group. If you have an interest or even an inkling of an idea, don’t hesitate to reach out to .

Mandatory Anti-Bias Course Working Group

Goal: To develop curriculum for a mandatory course for first-year PhD students on privilege, bias, anti-racism, and allyship. A course overview can be found here.

For more details on the working group, see this document.

Meeting time: TBD

Contact: this survey if you are interested in any level of involvement; otherwise email bflaniga @-andrew-dot-cmu-dot-edu

Social Connectedness Working Group

Goal: Make it easier to build social connections both within and across departments, and encourage mentoring relationships.

Ongoing programs:

Meeting time: 3-4pm on Fridays

Contact: hlzhou @-andrew-dot-cmu-dot-edu

Anti-racism Working Group

Goal: We will release a set of anti-racist asks to the SCS administration, and we will be holding the administration accountable for following through.

Meeting time: 1:30-2:30pm on Thursdays

Contact: vdean @-andrew-dot-cmu-dot-edu

Remote Personal Wellness

Goal: This group will focus on identifying areas where individual wellness can be improved across the body of SCS students. This includes physical and mental health and will likely include investigating the resources available to students and understanding how students currently address wellness concerns.

Timeline: Three Semesters

Deliverables: A concise document about the key challenges and current resources as well as suggestions for future semesters.

Meeting time: Summer - Every other Wednesday at noon.

Contact: aajoshi @-andrew-dot-cmu-dot-edu or ppf@-andrew-dot-cmu-dot-edu

Undergraduate Research Engagement

Contact: Erica Weng

Administrative Tasks

Goal: We’re the folks who keep this committee running and figure out how to best support all the working groups. This ranges from organizing the surveys and email updates, to communicating with the Dean, to checking in with working groups and helping them meet their needs.

Meeting time: Mondays at 2

Contact: leochen@-cmu-dot-edu