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We are the PhD Dean’s Advisory Committee. We are committed to focused action, open involvement, and transparency towards improving the experience of the current and future PhD students of Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science.

We currently have multiple initiatives, which you can find on the Working Groups tab. All SCS PhD students are welcome to get involved! If you want to work with any of those working groups or have an idea for a working group of your own, please reach out to us (contact below).

In addition, if you are undergoing challenges or have complaints about your PhD experience, we would love to hear that as well (using the contact below). We may not be able to solve your problem, but it can help us better understand the broader student perspective and pursue more informed advocacy.

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Documents for the SCS PhD community

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Mission statement


Orientation / first year resource page

March 27, 2020: Recommendation to the Dean’s office on S2020 student evaluations

Long form discussion of how survey results were interpreted for recommendation of S2020 student evaluations

Minutes for Committee Meetings with Dean Martial Hebert

Januray 28, 2021: Initial Spring 2021 Meeting with Dean’s Office

September 24, 2020: DEI-focused General Meeting with Dean’s Office

August 6, 2020: Concluding Summer 2020 General Meeting with Dean’s Office

June 19, 2020: Initial Summer 2020 General Meeting with Dean’s Office

May 1, 2020 (Minutes TBD): Closing Spring 2020 General Meeting with Dean’s Office

March 6, 2020: Initial Spring 2020 General Meeting with Dean’s Office